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Experiences - Exploring Capri and Anacapri

The unforgettable landscapes, the scenic coastal trails, and the spectacular overlooks:
discover the most beautiful corners of Italy's island of Capri.

The Piazzetta and historic center

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The Piazzetta and historic center (less than a 10-minute walk from the hotel)

Capri's famed Piazzetta is known as the gathering place for the rich and famous, where the cafè tables are bustling with celebrities and travelers from across the globe. An evening cocktail at the foot of the clock tower is an unforgettable experience, and from this vibrant heart of town, a number of picturesquely twisting lanes lined with shops and boutiques wind their way through the medieval quarter of Capri.

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Via Camerelle (2 minute walk from the hotel)

Heading in the direction of the Piazzetta, visitors soon find themselves on Via Camerelle, the most fashionable street in Capri, home to the bar of the Hotel Quisisana and a number of elegant boutiques selling all the best Italian and International designer fashions. In the evening, the local paparazzi swoop in to photograph the celebrities unable to resist the street's appeal.

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Via Tragara and scenic overlook (2 minute walk from the hotel)

Leave the hotel and head in the direction opposite of the Piazzetta. With Via Camerelle to the left, Via Tragara, one of the most beautiful lanes on the island, begins. The walk leads past gorgeous villas and gardens, and is always pleasantly quiet. After about a ten minute walk, you will reach the end of Via Tragara where its fantastic scenic overlook facing the Faraglioni and the Bay of Marina Piccola will take your breath away. In the evening, a low light leads the way down the lane without overshadowing the beauty of the canopy of stars above, making for a very romantic stroll. Just before reaching the scenic overlook, the Terrazza Brunella restaurant is one of the most romantic on the island, with a friendly staff and breathtaking view. Just a few steps further along, the Ristorante Monzù has an unforgettable view and a creative menu under the rising chef Luigi Lionetti. From the Belvedere di Tragara, there are two additional lanes offering stunning walks: one to the Faraglioni and the other along Via Pizzolungo.

La Minerva

Gardens of Augustus and scenic overlook (5 minute walk from the hotel)

Overlooking Marina Piccola and Via Krupp, the Gardens of Augustus are just about 5 minutes from the hotel. The gardens can be crowded until the afternoon during the high season summer months, so they are best visited at sunset when they can be enjoyed in relative peace and quiet with just the sound of the sea breeze and gulls as a backdrop to one of the most beautiful views on the island. The Ristorante il Geranio with its informal and friendly staff serve lunch and dinner in a pine grove overlooking the Faraglioni.

La Minerva

Charterhouse of San Giacomo (3 minute walk from the hotel)

The historic Charterhouse of San Giacomo, with its large cloister dating from the 16th century and smaller cloister from the 14th century, is home to a museum with works by the German painter Diefenbach, an island resident for many years, among the collection. Nearby, the excellent Ristorante Villa Margherita serves traditional dishes with a modern twist, many of which are made with seasonal vegetables picked from the restaurant's own garden.

La Minerva

Faraglioni beach (25 minute walk from the hotel)

La Fontelina and Da Luigi are two beach clubs facing the Faraglioni that are considered among the most lovely on the island of Capri. You can walk to either in about 15 minutes along a spectacular trail that begins at the Tragara scenic overlook. With the towering Faraglioni sea stacks and Marina Piccola, the view from this stretch of coast is unforgettable. We suggest spending an entire day relaxing, and dining on the simple but impeccable dishes from the waterfront restaurant. To avoid the steep climb back up after your day at the beach, you can take the boat shuttle to Marina Piccola where you can hop on a bus or taxi to the Piazzetta.

La Minerva

Punta Cannone scenic overlook (25 minute walk from the hotel)

This scenic overlook takes its name from a historic canon placed here to protect the island, and is about a 15 minute walk from the Piazzetta. Offering one of the most unforgettable views on Capri, the view overlooks the Gardens of Augustus, Marina Piccola, and the Faraglioni directly below. The overlook is never crowded, so the perfect spot for those seeking a bit of peace and quiet. Though the path up to the overlook is uphill, it passes through some of the most characteristic areas of the island and the view is worth the trip! At the beginning of the trail, just about a minute from the Piazzetta, Ristorante Mammà serves the creations of the chef Salvatore La Ragione, who has been awarded a Michelin star.

La Minerva

Villa Jovis (1 hour walk from the hotel)

On the peak of Mount Tiberius and accessible only on foot (or, in exceptional cases, with the electric vehicles used to transport luggage), sit the beautiful and well-preserved remains of Villa Jovis, residence to the Roman emperor Tiberius, successor to Augustus. From these halls, Tiberius decided the fate of the Roman Empire for a long period of his life, communicating with the mainland though signals from the lighthouse, the remains of which can still be seen. From the clifftop about 300 meters above the sea, there is a unparalleled view across the water to Ischia, Naples, Sorrento, Amalfi, and the Li Galli islets. Roman historians, clearly not supporters of the emperor, recorded that the ruler would throw slaves from this clifftop to their death below for entertainment. The walk to Villa Jovis has a number of beautiful and interesting viewpoints, and passes through the Capri countryside with its rural roots still visible.

La Minerva

Villa Lysis (1 hour walk from the hotel)

Villa Lysis is the residence Baron Jacques d’Adelswärd-Fersen had built on the island of Capri at the beginning of the 1900s when he decided to leave Paris to escape accusations of having corrupted a minor and offended the public morality. He lived here until his death by cocaine overdose in 1923. The villa is located on Mount Tiberius not far from Villa Jovis, the villa which belonged to the Roman emperor Tiberius, and can only be reached on foot. Visitors can tour the inside of the residence, including the salons, opium smoking room, and bedrooms, and the outside, with its lovely terraces overlooking the sea and a small temple built on the cliff's edge. Since 2017, the adjacent La Gloriette Park, is also open to the public.

La Minerva

Natural Arch and Via Pizzolungo (1.5 hour walk)

Without doubt one of the island's most beautiful walks. Although there is a short cut which from the hotel leads to the area of Matermania by way of Via Cercola, guests will probably want to commence the walk from the Piazzetta, following Via Longano to reach the Natural Arch, one of nature's wonders. It's well worth timing your arrival at the arch around lunch time in order to enjoy a meal of traditional Caprian specialties at the Grottelle restaurant: a charming eatery, from the terraces of which a beautiful view of the Amalfi Coast can be seen. A flight of approximately 400 steps leads down to the Cave of Matromania, which contains artifacts dating back to Ancient Roman times, and on, along a magnificently panoramic coastal pathway, past Villa Malaparte and all the way to the terrace and viewing point of Tragara. From here, guests can head back to the hotel, without having to retrace their steps.

La Minerva

Marina Piccola (10 minute bus or taxi ride from the Piazzetta)

The Bay of Marina Piccola facing the Faraglioni has a number of beach clubs and is the island's most famous and photographed bay. The coastline of Marina Piccola is lined with the most popular beach clubs, some of which are well worth a visit. The bay can be very crowded during the peak hours of the summer season, but in the evenings are a great place to savor a meal of fresh fish and seafood at Ristorante Da Gioia right on the water.

La Minerva

Via Tuoro and scenic overlook (10 minute walk from the hotel)

Running parallel to Via Tragara, the quieter Via Tuoro, also lined with impressive villas and gardens, leads to yet another viewpoint from which to see the Faraglioni. After the first viewing point, a series of steps leads up to another even more beautiful one. From here, a well-trodden dirt track leads to the area of the Natural Arch and the Piana delle Noci.

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The Blue Grotto

The Blue Grotto, which can be reached by sea or by land with a 10-minute bus or taxi ride from the center of Anacapri, is one of the natural wonders of Capri that no visitor to the island will want to miss. Named after the intense blue light which penetrates through an underwater fissure and fills the sea cave with beautiful reflections, the Grotta Azzurra or Blue Grotto is a major tourist attraction that can get quite crowded in high season. You often have to wait in a long line to enter and will only be inside the cave for a few minutes. Tickets to enter the Blue Grotto cost €14/person and access is via small rowboats guided by expert skippers, how often sing traditional songs that echo magically inside the sea grotto.
Some visitors enter the cave by swimming through the opening in the early morning or late afternoon when the tourist rowboats no longer operate, though it is forbidden to do so. Though the cave is quite large, the entrance is very low and managed by the expert rowboat skippers to ensure safe passage. The grotto closes in case of adverse weather or sea conditions when it is impossible to pass through the small cave entrance. Near the Blue Grotto, the famous Beach Club Il Riccio restaurant sits directly on the water and can be reached by land or sea. They are known for their gourmet seafood and fish dishes, and uniquely chic design and atmosphere.

Sights in Anacapri

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Anacapri is about 30 minutes from the hotel

From the Piazzetta of Capri, the other important town on the island, Anacapri, is only a ten minute taxi or bus ride away. In the high season, the journey by bus (price of tickets EUR 1.80 per person) can entail waiting in long queues before boarding. Making the trip by taxi (cost of journey approximately EUR 20) is a valid alternative. A piece of advice: those who decide to take the bus to Anacapri and are eager to experience some of the most spectacular views should try to sit on the right hand side of the bus! Passengers should get off at Piazza Vittoria, usually announced by the driver with a simple "Anacapri!".

La Minerva

Villa San Michele - Axel Munthe Museum (5 minute walk from Piazza Vittoria in Anacapri)

Built almost directly above the sea, opposite the bays of Naples and Salerno, the villa was the residence of the celebrated Swedish writer and physician, Axel Munthe, author of "The History of San Michele". Set in beautiful gardens, the house still contains many of the antiquities collected by its first owner. In the summer, the gardens provide an enchanting venue for a series of extremely well attended classical music concerts (performed as the sun sets). Entry to the villa costs approximately EUR 8. There are a number of small shops selling souvenirs and traditional craft items along the pretty little lane leading to the villa.

La Minerva

Church of San Michele (5 minute walk from Piazza Vittoria in Anacapri)

In the center of Anacapri, the Church of San Michele is a small gem, unique in the world. The church has a magnificent majolica tile floor, dating from the 1700s and painted by the master Leonardo Chiaiese, which depicts Adam and Eve being cast out of the Garden of Eden. A small offering is requested to enter the church. Nearby, don't miss Ristorante La Zagara, which serves wonderful island dishes under the shade of a lush lemon grove.

La Minerva

Mount Solaro chairlift (in Piazza Vittoria)

The chairlift to Mount Solaro takes visitors comfortably to the highest point of the island, traveling above the vineyards and gardens of Anacapri. From the summit of Mount Solaro, the view is simply breathtaking and encompasses the whole of the island and, in the distance, the islands of Ischia and Procida, the bays of Naples and Salerno, the Amalfi Coast, and the islands of Li Galli. Chairlift tickets cost approximately EUR 11.

La Minerva

La Migliera (20 minute walk from the center of Anacapri)

From the center of Anacapri, a leisurely twenty-minute walk leads to what has to be one of the island's most beautiful viewing points. Positioned directly above the sea on the cliff top, from the Migliera viewing point, visitors enjoy a spectacular view of the southwestern coast of the Island, from the lighthouse to the Faraglioni. Close by, at the "Philosophical Park" visitors can follow a route through the woods, punctuated by boards bearing the maxims of the world's greatest philosophers. The Da Gelsomina restaurant, a simple eatery with a magnificent view of the sea and the neighboring island of Ischia, is known for its good food and wine and for its wonderfully panoramic swimming pool. On request, the restaurant provides a shuttle service to and from the center of Anacapri.

La Minerva

Punta Carena lighthouse (15 minute taxi or bus ride from center of Anacapri)

Located on the far southwestern point of the island, the Punta Carena lighthouse is one of the largest in Italy and overlooks the bay below with its beach club. This is the best spot on the island for watching the sun set, as it disappears behind the neighboring Island of Ischia. During the summer months, you can enjoy the dishes created by chef Marco Russo at dinner as well as lunch, making your meal under a canopy of stars with the flashes of the nearby lighthouse even more magical.

La Minerva

The Blue Grotto (can be reached by sea or by land with a 10 minute bus or taxi ride from the center of Anacapri)

The Blue Grotto is one of the natural wonders of Capri that no visitor to the island will want to miss. Named after the intense blue light which penetrates through an underwater fissure and fills the sea cave with beautiful reflections, the Grotta Azzurra or Blue Grotto is, in fact, a major tourist attraction. Close to the entrance of the cave, the Il Riccio restaurant and beach club is famous for its seafood and fish dishes. See additional information about visiting the Blue Grotto on our page dedicated to boat tours of Capri.

La Minerva

Damecuta Ruins (10 minute walk from the center of Anacapri)

The ruins of Villa Damecuta can be reached by bus or taxi along the road to the Blue Grotto on the northwest side of the island. This site has the well-preserved remains of an antique Roman villa and a lovely view over the coastline.

La Minerva

Trail of the Forts (15 minutes by bus or taxi from the center of Anacapri - 2.5 hour hike)

This is perhaps the island's most beautiful trail, which leads from the area near the Blue Grotto to the Punta Carena lighthouse along the western coast of the island, passing a number of historic forts built to defend the island from attack. The trail runs through a wide variety of countryside, from dense vegetation to dramatic cliffs, and skirts the waters of the Mediterranean and the landscapes of the island's pristine wilderness, even passing over a suspended bridge. The views and countryside are stunning, and anyone who likes to walk or hike should take time to explore this trail, which was once used solely by the island's fishermen and hunters, but is now open to everyone.
Halfway along the trail in Mesola, you can stop at the water's edge for a refreshing swim. The trail is marked by red signage and tiles along the trail, and the path is relatively easy. We recommend comfortable shoes and an ample supply of water to fully enjoy your outing, and it's a good idea to avoid the hike during the hottest hours of the day.

Scenic Itineraries

La Minerva

The Main Walks

Avid walkers will find plenty of scenic trails and itineraries on Capri, overlooked by the lion's share of tourists but perfect for those who love leisurely or challenging hikes:

  • Il Passetiello (from Capri to Anacapri)
  • Il Funno (from under Via Pizzolungo to the sea)
  • La Scala Fenicia (from Villa Axel Munte to near Marina Grande)
  • The trail from La Migliera to the peak of Mount Solaro
  • The trail from La Miglierato the Punta Carena Lighthouse
  • The Lo Capo trail (from Villa Jovis to the sea)

and many more!