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Getting Here

All the information you need to reach Italy's island of Capri and our hotel


Location of Hotel La Minerva

Capri's famed central Piazzetta is just a ten minute walk away along the elegant boutique-lined streets of Via Camerelle and Via Vittorio Emanuele near the hotel. The Charterhouse of San Giacomo, breathtaking terraces of the Gardens of Augustus and Tragara scenic overlook are also a short walk away.

From the stunning Tragara scenic overlook, you can continue along the lane leading to the Faraglioni beaches, including the popular Fontelina beach, or take the Pizzolungo trail that skirts the eastern coastline of the island. Our hotel faces south, and in the cooler months when the sun is setting, the terraces and guest rooms are bathed in the warm, golden sunlight for which Capri is beloved.

Location hotel La Minerva

Hotel La Minerva is located in the center of Capri town overlooking the sea: a peaceful oasis in an area of town closed to motor traffic, except for a limited number of electric vehicles transporting goods and luggage.
You can reach the Piazzetta with the funicular or taxi from the port, and from here take the short and pleasant walk to the hotel. The porter service will take care of transporting your luggage.

Transfers from Naples or Rome

Transfer services

The hotel can arrange a number of transfer and day trip services by car upon request, including:

  • Speedboat (from EUR 600)
  • Helicopter (from EUR 1,600)
  • Private car transfer from Naples to Sorrento with a 2 hour stop to visit the ruins of Pompeii (from EUR 350)
  • Private car transfer from Rome to the port of Naples (from EUR 450)
  • Any other transfer required

Our most requested services:

Transfer from Naples - All-inclusive stress-free transfer from the Naples airport or train station

We can arrange a complete full-service transfer for EUR 115/person (EUR 150 for a single traveler), including:

  • Private transfer by car to the Naples port
  • Ferry tickets
  • Taxi from the port on Capri to Capri town
  • Hostess to accompany guests by taxi from the port to the Piazzetta and then on foot as far as the hotel
  • Porter service for 1 piece of luggage per person from the port to the hotel (EUR 10 for each additional item)

Transfer to the port of Naples - private car transfer plus ferry tickets

Private car transfer from the Naples airport or train station to the port. Your driver will also take care of purchasing ferry tickets and assist you in boarding.
Price: €65/two passengers, plus the cost of the ferry tickets to be paid separately.

From the port of Capri to the hotel

A complete, full-service transfer from the port of Capri to the hotel at the price of EUR 60/person including:

  • Taxi from the port on Capri to Capri town
  • Hostess to accompany guests by taxi from the port to the Piazzetta and then on foot as far as the hotel
  • Porter service for 1 piece of luggage per person from the port to the hotel (10 euro for each additional item)

After your arrival on Capri

Free greeting service at the port

Call the hotel any time for additional information or assistance.

To be able to arrange to meet you at the port, we need to know which ferry you will be taking to the island; you can let us know in advance or even once you have boarded the ferry. Until 6 pm, our staff member Giovanni, recognizable by his La Minerva Hotel cap, will be at the port to greet guests. Giovanni will meet you, give you all the information you need to reach La Minerva, and can send your bags directly to the hotel by porter service (EUR 10/bag), if you wish.

Luggage transport - please note!

For a smooth arrival, we strongly suggest leaving your bags with the porter service if they are large and heavy, as you will have to walk through the pedestrian area of the town center for about 10 minutes to reach La Minerva. The porter service is at the port where ferries dock, and is sometimes hard to locate. Our staff member Giovanni can help you find a porter to take your bag safely to the hotel for EUR 10 per bag.
The service can be paid at the hotel.

For arrivals during the busiest time of day (10 am to 2 pm)

Crowds of tourists often arrive to enjoy the beauty of Capri at the same time during the day, causing long delays at the port to get to the center of town. If you are arriving during the peak hours, please let us know ahead of time so Giovanni can try to arrange a car service to take you from the port up to town. Though it will cost a few euros more than public transportation, you will sometimes have to share a larger car with other passengers, and the arrival point is about 200 meters from the Piazzetta, it is a much better option than waiting for a taxi or funicular alongside the crowds of arriving daytrippers. Regardless, we will be able to advise you about the best option as soon as we know your arrival time!

Getting to the hotel

Once you've disembarked at the port in Marina Grande, follow these directions to the hotel:

Mappa Hotel La Minerva - Capri
  • First get to the Piazzetta. The easiest way is by funicular (the 3 minute ride costs EUR 1.80/person) or taxi (the 10 minute ride costs about EUR 15).
  • Once you've arrived in the Piazzetta, you must walk to the hotel, which is why we suggest using a porter service for your luggage! Follow the main shopping street Via Vittorio Emanuele toward the historic Hotel Quisisana, and then turn left onto Via Camerelle across from the hotel.
  • Halfway along the road across from Hotel Syrene and at the end of the road after Ristorante Le Camerelle, there are tiles with indication to Hotel La Minerva.

We remind guests that from the Piazzetta, through the historic center of town, and across the most scenic area of Capri, vehicle traffic is strictly forbidden. You cannot arrive directly in front of the hotel by taxi.

How to get to Capri

Arriving by car

Cars are not allowed to embark on the ferry for Capri, but there are car parks in Naples and Sorrento

If you are arriving by car, please note that non-residents cannot embark cars on ferries to Capri in high season. In low season (November through March), cars are allowed but there are a limited number of ferries which transport vehicles. Regardless, you do not need a car on Capri and we suggest leaving it in Sorrento or Naples (near the port, there are a number of car parks with attendants).

Ferries to Capri from Sorrento, Positano, Amalfi, and Ischia

There are frequent ferries from Sorrento which run all year long.
In high season, ferries to the island also run from Positano, Amalfi, and Ischia.

To check ferry schedules, you can visit or ask the hotel concierge. The ferry ride lasts 25 minutes from Sorrento, 45 from Ischia or Positano, and 75 from Amalfi; ticket prices are around EUR 17.

Positano unfortunately does not have a protected harbor, so when the weather or sea conditions are rough, ferry service is suspended. This does not happen very often, but if it does, you can reach Sorrento by car from Positano in about 45 minutes or from Amalfi in about an hour and a half, and catch a ferry from there.

Taking the ferry from Naples to Capri

You can reach Capri from Naples by ferry (the trip takes about 80 minutes and ticket prices are about EUR 12) or high speed ferry/hydrofoil) (the trip takes about 50 minutes and tickets are about EUR 18).
From Naples, go to the Molo Beverello pier to catch one of the frequent hydrofoils, or to the smaller Calata di Massa pier for more infrequent ferries. The best option by far is Molo Beverello, as many more ferries run from there.
To check schedules, visit or enquire at the hotel.

Getting to the port in Naples from the airport or train station by taxi

We suggest taking a taxi from the airport or the Stazione centrale/Piazza Garibaldi train station to the port. To avoid hassles, be sure to take only the licensed taxis at the taxi stand, and avoid offers of rides from unauthorized drivers outside the taxi stands. Fares are calculated by the meter, which every licensed taxi has and must use.
We suggest requesting the fixed fare of about EUR 20 Euro from the airport to the port (about 30 minutes) or about EUR 11 from the train station to the port (about 15 minutes). These fixed rates include any extra charges for holidays or luggage, and must be requested before beginning the ride.

Reaching Naples from Rome

To reach Naples from Rome, you can catch a domestic flight (20 minutes), take the train (1hr 10 min by high speed train with schedules on, or book a private car with driver (around 2.5 hours).
If you decide to take the train, the most convenient station to the port is Napoli Centrale/Piazza Garibaldi.
As explained above, though a private car service enables you to reach the ferries for Capri directly from Rome, it is a more expensive option (around EUR 450 for a car with driver). A train ticket costs around EUR 45 per person.

We wish you safe trip! Please do contact us for any additional information or assistance.

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